Summer Camp 2023

Summer Camp 2023 is upon us, and we are looking for Arrowmen to serve on staff this year. “One of the most rewarding experiences in Scouting is serving on the Summer Camp staff at Kinsey Scout Reservation. First, it’s an opportunity to live Scouting and share your experiences with many of the younger scouts that come to our resident camps. Second, you get to serve alongside many of the best scouts in Norwela Council. You will be serving alongside many of our Eagle Scouts, Order of the Arrow Lodge leadership, and many of our up-and-coming scouts in Norwela council. Summer camp staff is an excellent opportunity for anyone fourteen or older to give back to their troop and pack this summer as we celebrate Kinsey Scout Reservation’s Fiftieth anniversary.” – Scott Alexander, Camp Director.

If you are interested in serving on Summer Camp Staff, please fill out this Application and turn it in to the Norwela Scout Office.

Summer Camp 2022 has come to an end, and so here are some highlights from this year: