Caddo Lodge Elangomat Program

Why should I be an Elangomat?

Enlagomats get to guide the new candidates through their own ordeal. Without Enlagomats the lodge couldn’t even have an ordeal. Get the chance to bond with newer Arrowmen. Remember, there were Enlagomats at your ordeal guiding you along the trail; why not do the same?

What is in it for me?

Cabins – Elangomats get to stay in cabins on Saturday nights after their day of hard work.

Patches – Elagomats can earn a special patch (the rarest patch in all of Caddo Lodge)  for there service after two consecutive fellowships.

Black Sash – Elangomats can earn their own black sash. After having served at four fellowships, Elangomats can earn the prestigious black sash.

What do I have to do?

To be an Elagomat, you must be willing to go through the ordeal once again; however this time you must guide the candidates. You must also be able to exemplify the values of our order as you represent Caddo Lodge. You are also expected to come to the workshop that is held the Saturday before fellowship.

Who do I talk to?

If interested email your Lodge Chief at chief.caddo149@gmail.com