Section G3

The Order of the Arrow has three distinct organizational levels: Lodges, Sections, and Regions. Lodges carry out the Order of the Arrow program at the local level and are closely tied with BSA councils. Sections consist of several lodges within a geographic region and regions in turn consist of sections within a geographic region of the United States. Lodges, sections, and regions each have a distinct set of responsibilities that ensure that the OA program runs smoothly.

Each section is led by a Chief, Vice Chief, and Secretary, who play a crucial part in making the annual Conclave successful. The section may lead training seminars, promote national programs of emphasis, and provide resources to local lodges. The Section Chief presides over the Council of Chiefs, attended by delegates of each member lodge.

Our Section Conclave, which is our Annual Gathering of members from every Lodge, was held in 2023 at Camp Perkins in Wichita Falls, TX. Our Arrowmen had an amazing time getting to take part in Competitions, Training, Fellowship, and Fun!

The 2024 Section G3 Conclave will be held at Camp Constantin in Graford TX and hosted by Mikanakawa Lodge. Be on the lookout for more information on this event!

Caddo Lodge is a member of Section Gateway 3, which represents thousands of Arrowmen from Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.
To find out more information about our Section, please visit their website at

Here are some highlights from Conclave 2023!

  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Abigail gets ready for a very intense Kickball game.
  • Kickball
  • One of our Arrowmen, Rachel A, was elected as Section Vice Chief for the 2023-2024 year!
  • Daniel and Andrew show their excitement.
  • Abigail performed in the Powwow and won an award!
  • Rachel and Wesley receive patches for their work as Conclave Vice Chiefs.
  • Daniel and Mr. Altimus at the Council of Chiefs and Section Staff Dinner.
  • the VIA (Very Important Arrowmen) Luncheon was a fun opportunity to learn more about being a Lodge Leader.
  • Our Arrowmen took part in various Trainings throughout the event.