Lodge Leadership Contacts

Executive Board

Lodge Chief – Kale Rector

Vice Chiefs – Haley Henderson, Nate Davis, Matthew Nix

Secretary – Caleb Lyons

Lodge Youth Committee Chairs 

Unit Elections – Fred Trice

Elangomats – N/A

Ceremonies – Ethan Kulp

Communications – N/A

Publications – Nicholas Davis

Service – N/A

Lodge Advisers

Lodge Adviser – Ken Peterson

Associate Lodge Adviser – Dan Henderson

Lodge Staff Adviser – N/A

Chief of the Fire –
Jeff Brasher
NORWELA Council Scout Executive / CEO

Lodge Committee Adult Advisers

Unit Elections – Jill Lucero

Elangomats – John Paul Jordan

Ceremonies – Richard Murdaugh

Communications – N/A

Publications – Billy W Netherland

Service – Shayne Clifton

Please let us know how we can assist you.