Welcome to Caddo Lodge 149

We are so excited to launch our new website as we start our new year! This year is going to be fantastic and full of adventure! We will not only be having our annual events: Spring Fellowship March 31-April 2, Fall Fellowship Oct, 6-8, and Winter Banquet; but we will also be hosting the 2017 SR-2 Conclave and Coman-do-gun. SR-2 Conclave is a section event which will bring over 600 scouts from all over north Texas, southern Arkansas, and southern Oklahoma to Kinsey Scout Reservation! It is going to be a blast! Be sure to go register at www.sr-2.org/conclave.  There will be training opportunities, games, competitions, a powwow, fantastic food, and a giant “hootenanny” Saturday night full of music, games, food, and fellowship! Keep an eye out for future updates on the website!

Sincerely yours in the Wimachtendienk,

Joseph B. Ligon

Lodge Chief
Caddo Lodge #149
Order of the Arrow
Norwela Council #215

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